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Myths & Facts

I can’t meditate because I can’t stop my mind.Meditation is not about erasing your thoughts. Meditation is about being with what is there, and if that includes many thoughts, then so be it. You are still meditating! By returning your focus on your breath, you may just find that the thoughts naturally subside.
I can’t meditate because I am too busy.The ultimate paradox is that those who are the most busy need meditation the most. Meditating allows your mind/ body a chance to replenish and reboot, giving yourself more energy to accomplish all of your tasks with a renewed, focused energy.
I can’t meditate because I can’t get to that quiet place that everyone talks about.Meditation is not about having a goal. You are not meditating to get to a certain state of mind. Meditation is about being with what is (not judging or reacting) in the present moment. You may find that this attention and awareness naturally bring you a sense of quiet, but you are not trying to get it.
Meditation seems like something lazy people do, or people who are not hard workers.Meditation is now being practiced in more Fortune 500 Companies than ever before. More executives and business people are taking to meditation as a way to manage the ever-increasing demands that work holds. No one would call all of those people lazy or unproductive.
Meditation has to do with religion.Meditation practiced here is not about any religion, and those of all faiths (as well as agnostics and atheists) can practice meditation. Very simply, meditation is about being mindful of what is.
Meditation involves crystals, incense, sitting on cushions and chanting “Om.”Meditation does not require any of the above. In fact, most meditation happens in the conference room in regular chairs. Nothing fancy or hokey, meditation is just the practice of coming into yourself.
I don’t have hours to devote to this. Will I see any change?Even just a couple of minutes of meditation a day can dramatically help reduce stress. Some experts say that 20 minutes of meditation is like taking a 3-hour nap.
Meditation is about escaping the real world.Meditation is the exact opposite. It gives you the tools to be fully engaged in the present moment, with a calm and clear mind.




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