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Meditation can make you a better ____________.



Why do I love meditation so much?  Why have I dedicated my life to having a practice and to making it my life’s work?

One very simple answer:  Meditation can make you a better person.

Having a meditation practice can make you a better “fill-in-the blank.”  If you like skiing, you can become a better skier.  If you like being successful in your business, meditation will help you with that.  You name it, and meditation can serve you well. 


Meditation helps you become present and aware.  Being present and aware transforms how you experience everything in your life—your work, your family, your challenges—everything.

I don’t know anyone who feels they have everything in their life down perfectly.  I know I sure don’t.  This is why everyone can benefit from meditation.

I have worked with all kinds of people, and I can safely say that “Meditation” is as unique as you are.   You will experience exactly what you need to each and every time you meditate, and each and every time it will be different.  This is because you are always changing.  You are not the same person you were yesterday, and you are certainly not like anyone else.

When we allow ourselves time to become still, our minds and bodies begin to restore themselves—naturally—without any effort from us.   

And somehow just by being with ourselves in this way, we are better. Somehow this very simple slowing down is so powerful that it transforms us.

Let’s all be the best people we can be. Who’s with me?

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  1. Wonderful post! I am appreciative for your posts and will continue to read your posts. Would love to discuss the possibility of partnering with our site, The Easier Softer Way!




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